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Future of Medicine #22

  • At-home COVID tests
  • China’s gene giant
  • The asymptomatic
  • HIV screenings
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Can We Prevent the Next 5 Million COVID Cases?

The U.S. just sailed past the 5 million mark for confirmed cases of COVID-19. The coronavirus continues to spread in dozens of states. And Americans who’ve spent the last 4 months in various stages of lockdown are frustrated and exhausted.

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USA Today

COVID tests: Cheap, at-home tests will stop pandemic, Harvard doc says

Dr. Michael Mina thinks there’s a simple way to beat back COVID-19: fast, cheap tests, taken at home every day or two.

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Special Report: COVID opens new doors for China’s gene giant

SYDNEY – As countries scramble to test for the novel coronavirus, a Chinese company has become a go-to name around the world.

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The US needs real-time data to fight the pandemic. We’re still not even close.

Six months into America’s battle with Covid-19, we still can’t really see the enemy.

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Baylor Scott & White Research Institute

First patients in NIH ACTIV-3 clinical trial enroll in Dallas

DALLAS, Texas – On Wednesday, August 5, in Dallas, just one day after the initiative was launched by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Baylor Scott & White Research Institute enrolled the first patient in the world for the ACTIV-3 clinical trial. A second patient was enrolled the following day.

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Mission Local

It’s taking a week for contact tracing to reach COVID-19 patients

Sushi is in the news of late. In yet another attempt to grab the brass ring of the defining San Francisco image in times of COVID-19, an enterprising restaurateur is offering diners the option of consuming $200-a-head sushi dinners in a cordoned-off corner of Mint Plaza, only a few meters from where homeless people congregate.

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Washington Post

Many people with the coronavirus don’t show symptoms. Researchers want to know why

During its seven-month global rampage, the coronavirus has claimed more than 700,000 lives. But Gandhi began to think the bigger mystery might be why it has left so many more practically unscathed.

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The Conversation

A scientist’s plea on coronavirus: now is not the time to relax

Living under lockdown and the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to our lives has been difficult for everyone. We have all welcomed the opportunity to return to a more normal way of life. But a resurgence in cases after the easing of lockdown in many countries shows us that this pandemic is by no means over. We need to remember that now is not the time to relax and take risks.

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Inside the mind of an animal

Inside the mind of an animal Neuroscientists are scrutinizing huge piles of data to learn how brains create emotions and other internal states such as aggression and desire.

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Massachusetts General Hospital

Frequent HIV screenings can benefit high-risk young men who have sex with men

A new study has found that HIV screening every three months compared to annually will improve clinical outcomes and be cost-effective among high-risk young men who have sex with men (YMSM) in the United States. The report, led by researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), is being published online in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

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