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Future of Medicine #24

  • R number in the UK
  • COVID in wastewater
  • Genome sequencing
  • Biased studies?
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CBS Boston

Catching Coronavirus On Airplane Unlikely, Scientists Say

It may feel risky to fly during the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s actually not as risky as you might think.

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The SSRI-Violence Link: Myth or Menace?

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been controversial nearly since the introduction of fluoxetine (Prozac) to the US market in 1988. They’re well known to cause side effects such as nausea, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction, and the evidence is mixed for their benefit in people with mild to moderate depression.

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The Diplomat

How Did Pakistan Flatten the Coronavirus Curve?

Despite ending its lockdown early, Pakistan managed to flatten the curve. But the country is still far from achieving herd immunity.

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Goethe Universitat

SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater: Monitoring COVID-19 and estimating potential transmission risk

Wastewater provides indication of the degree of infection in population

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Press Association

Overall R number for UK increases to 0.9-1.1

There is a risk the overall coronavirus epidemic in the UK is growing as figures for the reproduction number (R value) suggest it has risen above 1.0.

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NBC News

Why did the FDA authorize convalescent plasma, a potential treatment for COVID-19?

The Trump administration’s announcement Sunday of an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma left critical questions about the potential COVID-19 treatment unanswered.

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Teens are having unprotected sex, driving drunk and vaping among other risky behaviors, CDC says

Kids are still taking pretty big risks, according to several new studies of youthful behavior from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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The Hill

Essential workers are in critical condition

As our government debates COVID-related legislation and an economic stimulus, it must specifically address the needs of the essential workers that are keeping our country and economy afloat. Throughout the nation, COVID-19 is exerting profound damage to the essential workforce. These workers deserve protection and support commensurate with the jobs they are performing. As critical care and community health physicians in Texas and New York, respectively, we strongly believe that if our essential workforce is unsupported, the rest of the country will suffer.

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The Conversation

Coronavirus: Genome sequencing tells us the Auckland outbreak is a single cluster — except for one Covid-19 case

Genome sequencing — mapping the genetic sequences of the virus from confirmed Covid-19 cases in a bid to track its spread — is now an integral part of New Zealand’s coronavirus response. It is providing greater certainty in identifying clusters and helps focus the investigations of contact tracers.

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Many Indian Covid-19 trials are marred by biased study design, small sample size, say researchers

Anoo Bhuyan, IndiaSpend.com Share Tweet Email Reddit Print Comments Share Tweet Email Reddit Print Comments Jammi Nagaraj Rao, a public health physician and epidemiologist in the United Kingdom, has scanned through approximately 477 Covid-19 trials registered on India’s Clinical Trials Registry. Around 192 of these were observational studies, not multi-phase randomised clinical trials. And at least 53 were for traditional Indian remedies and homoeopathy.

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