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Future of Medicine #25

  • Your ‘surge capacity’
  • Misconceptions on weather
  • Europe’s fractured tracing
  • Chinese vaccine and Canada
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Elemental (Medium)

Your ‘Surge Capacity’ Is Depleted  —  It’s Why You Feel Awful

It was the end of the world as we knew it, and I felt fine. That’s almost exactly what I told my psychiatrist at my March 16 appointment, a few days after our children’s school district extended spring break because of the coronavirus. I said the same at my April 27 appointment, several weeks after our state’s stay-at-home order.

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York Daily Record

Changes in COVID testing frustrates family mourning a death

Ethel Palmer had led a long and hard life, and at 89, she was ready to go home.

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COVID-19 has eroded confidence in the U.S. health care system

Americans pay far more for health care than any other developed nation, while suffering worse outcomes — it’s not a new reality, but the toll and stress of the COVID-19 pandemic has made that paradox more urgent. And in the final months of the 2020 presidential race, it seems to be affecting how Americans see the United States’ health care system, according to the latest PBS NewsHour-Marist Poll.

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Cancer patients say psilocybin can be both therapy and “a beautiful experience”

How a psychedelic compound can treat cancer’s insidious mental toll.

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New York Times

Why the Coronavirus Stalks Children of Color

Cases are rising among children everywhere. But those in minority communities are much more likely to become infected and severely ill, new data show.

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Misconceptions about weather and seasonality must not misguide COVID-19 response

Since the first weeks of the pandemic, substantial scientific and public attention has focused on how the weather could reduce or alter COVID-19 transmission. Whether due to increasing scientific attention on climate change and health or simply because the novel pandemic virus has forced us to look to other diseases for ideas, many were expectant — if not outright hopeful — that SARS-CoV-2 might show environmental sensitivity that curbed epidemic risk in some way. Now, clarifying and refining those expectations with available evidence is urgent, particularly in terms of how scientists communicate with policymakers and the public.

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Financial Times ($)

Europe’s fractured contact tracing linked to post-holiday Covid-19 surge

In early August, seven groups of young people returned home from Croatia, Greece and Malta to the Italian province of Padua, one of Europe’s early battlegrounds against Covid-19, and tested positive for the virus.

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Covid Vaccine Front-Runner Held Back by China’s Spat With Canada

Setback comes amid political tensions between China and Canada

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A herd immunity strategy to fight the pandemic can be ‘dangerous,’ experts say.

After months of effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, herd immunity has emerged as a controversial topic.

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USA Today

FDA ignores science in expanding remdesivir to treat COVID-19

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration late Friday allowed the drug remdesivir to be used on all patients hospitalized with COVID-19, although no published research supports such widespread use.

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