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Gen-Z to Boomers #2

  • Ads and older adults
  • Youth Liberation Front
  • Teens and polling places
  • Youth and vaccines
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The Guardian

The class of Covid-19: meet the school leavers facing an uncertain future

For three years, Ione Gildroy worked on Saturdays in her local library. The 18-year-old from Leicestershire issued and returned books, organised children’s events and stacked bookshelves. She planned to pool her earnings with some compensation she’d received after being in a car accident to pay for her dream gap year: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Australia. Working in a turtle rehabilitation centre on the Great Barrier Reef. An elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

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Next Avenue

How Ads Do A Terrible Job Portraying Older Adults

In their new book, What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life’s Third Age, authors Ken Dychtwald — a Next Avenue Influencer in Aging — and Robert Morison explore marketers’ misconceptions and mistakes regarding older Americans.

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Editor’s Note:

Perceptions of generations often come from things like advertisements. Here Next Avenue, part of the US’s PBS system specifically for older adults, looks at the issue for its audience.

Stuff NZ

Coronavirus: Millennials looking for deeper relationships after lockdown

The younger generation will bear the brunt of the reconstruction – and they want to be heard on how it’s done. For a new Stuff series, Turning Point, Brittany Keogh looks at whether how we socialise could change for the better in the wake of Covid-19.

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The Economist ($)

The United Nations of Uniqlo

Can a Japanese label famous for its simplicity take over the fashion world?

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Boston Globe

What will become of Generation COVID?

As the girls peppered me with questions, I tried to explain that this was not normal. But the truth is, amid this virus, the lockdowns, and the ensuing social and economic fallout, no one really knows what normal is or will be. We’ve spent months reprogramming our children not to hug, not to play in groups, and not to touch their faces. We’ve trained them to attend everything from school to dance class to family reunions virtually. We’ve drilled them on rationing toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

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The Fulcrum

States ask teens to staff polling places on Election Day

Recruiting enough workers to staff the more than 200,000 polling places across the country has been a longstanding struggle. Now, the coronavirus is making the problem even worse — because older people, who are the majority of poll workers, are also at the greatest risk of getting the infection.

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Editor’s Note:

Some roles in society are often filled by a particular age group. Here The Fulcrum looks at the job of poll worker and how the pandemic may have changed things.

Seattle Times

Meet the Youth Liberation Front behind a militant marathon of Portland protests

PORTLAND — Shortly before 1 a.m. on July 5, as protesters braced for more long hours on the streets in Oregon’s largest city, the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front took to Twitter with a stern declaration.

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Bracing for a Boomer boom

Re-booting aged care services to become more like hospitality in time for the onset of the Baby Boomer generation is firmly in the sights of ACH Group CEO Frank Weits.

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Why Trump should be worrying about heartland Gen Z voters

‘The New Heartland Speaks’ author and Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards presenter Paul Jankowski serves up some eye-opening new research

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Inside Higher Ed

Many young Americans won’t take coronavirus vaccine

Polls are raising questions about whether all college-aged adults will choose to get a coronavirus vaccine when one is available.

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Editor’s Note:

Infectious disease transmission can be a particularly important problem to deal with in certain places like college campuses. Here Inside Higher Ed looks at a confounding factor, students’ understanding of coronavirus.