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Gen-Z to Boomers #4

  • Inheritance tax

  • The young and the lonely

  • Thailand youth protests

  • Which workers are security nightmare?
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The Conversation

Forget a capital gains tax – what New Zealand needs is a tax on inherited wealth

The world’s wealthiest people will transfer US$15.4 trillion in assets to their heirs in the next decade, according to a recent report.

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Scientific American

Why Young Americans Are Lonely

There’s a reason the term “physical distancing” hasn’t been used much during the coronavirus pandemic: Though it’s a more accurate description of what public health experts are trying to achieve than “social distancing,” it fails to capture the loss that many of us feel as a direct result of being separated from other people.

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Editor’s Note:

The pandemic has brought feelings of loneliness to many, though young Americans may be the loneliest of all. Here Dr Sian Leah Beilock, a cognitive scientist and the president of Barnard College, looks into what can be done.


OK Boomer, We’re Gonna Socialize You

Everything about SARS-CoV-2 seems unfair. It afflicts the poor worse than the rich, and Blacks more than whites. It also disrupts — and potentially derails — the lives of people in some generations more than others. There’s social and political dynamite in this inequity. One likely effect is to make several developed countries swerve left politically, toward some bowdlerized form of “socialism.”

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San Francisco Chronicle

Natural wine’s (inevitable, problematic) entry into the ‘wellness’ industry is here

To the average drinker, the terms might sound interchangeable. But some winemakers fear that “clean wine” is becoming a major threat to “natural wine.”

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Business Insider

The fall of the girlboss is actually a good thing

June 2020 was the month the girlboss facade collapsed.

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South China Morning Post

Thailand protests: how Hong Kong inspired the revolution of our Thais

At the “Bad Student Union”, 18-year-old Min harvests complaints received through Twitter and Instagram from pupils across Thailand, decrying how their public school teachers have made them suffer everything from corporal punishment to mandatory haircuts to markdowns for minor breaches of school rules.

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Editor’s Note:

Generations are not just consumer demographics or categories for polling on society, they are also in some cases political movements. Here is a look at recent protests in Thailand

The Nation

The Sad Sex Lives of Overeducated Millennial Malcontents

Andrew Martin’s characters in Cool For America aren’t having much fun. Instead, they are restless and self-defeating.

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Stuff NZ

The unlikely lonelies: Why are the young and upwardly mobile spending weekends alone?

Covid-19 has brought with it a social recession; young professionals with outwardly thriving lives are seeing no-one over the weekend. Some say their isolation is a welcome respite, but others’ diminishing social contact is fuelling loneliness.

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Tech Republic

Which workers are your biggest security nightmare? It might not be the people you expect

Businesses need to approach cybersecurity in a way that resonates with employees, namely by putting them at the centre.

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Irish Times

Getting older is an exciting privilege, now more than ever

These days we often don’t welcome ageing with gratitude or open arms, but I wonder if all that will change after our Covid-19 experiences?

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Editor’s Note:

Getting older is often a time for self-reflection. Here Bernadette Fallon looks at turning 50 as well as the fact that the population of Ireland is getting older with her.