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Gen-Z to Boomers #5

  • Living on the Internet
  • Multi-generation homes
  • Evolution of marriage in India
  • Young voters and guns
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Washington Post

The revealing and disturbing story of America, told through 20 years of reality dating shows

If you are looking for the exact moment when American culture went off the rails that it has never managed to climb back on, may we offer a singular scene on television from Feb. 15, 2000: a man in a tuxedo, bent down on one knee, proposing to a total stranger in a wedding gown. She tearfully accepts while four other women, also wearing wedding dresses, shuffle off the stage.

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The Ringer

We Don’t Live on Campus. We Live on the Internet.

In October 2014, the Pew Research Center published the results from a survey about online harassment. Six years later, it preserves some popular attitudes about the internet from earlier phases: pre-Trump administration, pre-“cancel culture,” and within weeks of Gamergate. It’s one of many surveys that have tracked widespread sentiments about the internet for the past couple of decades. “Fully 73 percent of adult internet users have seen someone be harassed in some way online and 40 percent have personally experienced it,” the report begins.

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Stuff NZ

Millennials, Gen Z less happy than older generations, report says

Nearly half of young adults are dissatisfied with their friendships, social lives and overall wellbeing, a survey has found.

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The Drum

Nielsen: The rise of multi-generation homes and the new gatekeepers within

Multi-generational households will throw brand purchase decisions off balance.

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It’s Time To Kill The Concept Of A ‘Forever Home’

Long ago, it wasn’t uncommon for homeowners to hang on to their properties for 20 years or longer. They’d scrimp and save, eventually putting 20% down on their dream home, then they’d work to pay off the mortgage so they could live their golden years debt-free.

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Indian Express

The evolution of marriage, from strictly arranged to semi-arranged

A vast number of people in urban India are now being allowed to exercise their right of refusal until they find the right match to the point where parents are fine with their children taking the initiative to make their life choices

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New York Times

What Happened to the Young Voters Focused on Guns?

It’s not their top issue anymore, with many seeing it as a part of other, larger concerns.

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Senior Care Homes Are Becoming High-Tech Medical Devices

It’s not tech-savvy millennials who are ahead of the “smart home” curve.

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Millennials, Gen-Z twice as likely as their parents to say Covid-19 upended their financial security

Younger Americans are reporting that the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted, or even wrecked, their financial stability at rates almost twice as high as their baby boomer parents. While the pandemic is potentially more of a health concern for older generations, younger Americans are feeling the financial impact.

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News Australia

Keating says Boomers ‘want everything’

Mr Keating has warned that low income, younger workers have been asked to raid their super accounts to the tune of nearly $40 billion which is around the same amount the Morrison Government has spent to date on massive stimulus measures such as JobKeeper.

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