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Gen-Z to Boomers #7

  • Inspiring Indian youth
  • Will they save the future?
  • Gen Z beauty brands
  • Boomers show decline
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Millennials missed a decade of financial boom after 2008. It may happen again

Many members of the millennial generation failed to make economic gains during the long recovery after the Great Recession.

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Boomers Show Greater Cognitive Decline Than Earlier Generations

Researchers say mental health disorders explain much of the decline.

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Next Avenue

How Aging Trends Will Reshape Life in 2030

Back in 1982, I remember devouring futurist John Naisbitt’s bestseller, Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives. Now, Wharton management professor Mauro F. Guillén has published 2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything.

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New Yorker

The Reflexivity Trap

Increasingly, characters seem to be rewarded for the moral work of feeling bad.

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Teen Vogue

College Students Are Gearing Up for a Lonely, Surreal Fall Semester

This op-ed talks about returning to school while the world is in a state of crisis.

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How 74-Year-Old Ed Markey is Stealing the Youth Vote from a Millennial Kennedy

The ad feels so fresh and uncannily cool — it even samples the Nine Inch Nails song used in “Old Town Road” — that some people could barely believe it represents a politician. Slate called it the most “incomprehensibly thrilling ad” of 2020. “Political ad goes viral for actually being inspiring,” Mashable’s headline read. One man tweeted that it made him want to “march into hell to defend ed markey from dynastic usurpers.” Another gushed that the ad makes him so fired up that “it makes me want to run through a brick wall.”

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Fair Observer

Will Millennials and Zoomers Save the Future?

“All of you young people who served in the war. You are all a lost generation.” This famous phrase is credited to Gertrude Stein by Ernest Hemingway, who popularized it in the epigraph to his 1926 novel “The Sun also Rises.” The phrase encapsulates the feelings of a generation, disillusioned by the civilizational breakdown witnessed during the Great War, the loss of faith in the ideals and values that had marked their pre-war youth, which left them empty and cynical. In Europe, many of them would ultimately find a new purpose in the ranks of Mussolini’s squadristi, Hitler’s Sturmabteilung and the various fascist movements that sprang up in their wake — with disastrous results.

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Inspiring Indian Youth

Today’s Indian youth is hyper-logical, questioning everything around him or her and is irreverent towards elders because they feel respect has to be earned through display of wisdom & not of age. Their world is awash with tech gadgets and many hours each day are spent on Instagram, Snapchat and FaceBook trying to garner views & likes. For the previous generations of people, this may seem completely vain and a terrible waste of time, but for the post-millennium generation, they cannot stay away from this because, well, “what else is there to do?”

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New York Times

What It Means to Be a Gen Z Beauty Brand Today

A decade ago, your lipstick brand wasn’t expected to comment on social justice. Now, customers demand it, especially the teens and adults under 25 that make up Gen Z.

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Independent (Ireland)

Young people are not pandemic villains – they are the victims and deserve support

The vast majority of recently confirmed cases of coronavirus may be in relatively young people – aged under 45 – but that is because this is the demographic that predominantly works in meat processing plants and lives in direct provision.

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