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Gen-Z to Boomers #8

  • Single and proud
  • Which generation is Harris?
  • Hard seltzer sales
  • Loneliness epidemic
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USA Today

RNC: Charlie Kirk, Trump family confidant, goes after youth vote

WASHINGTON – He attacked Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris and Jill Biden. He went after Chicago’s mayor, the mainstream media, and Black Lives Matter.

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Millennial and Gen Z francophones don’t value Quebec nationalism

In stark contrast to baby boomers who not only identify as Quebecers first but also believe the provincial government best represents their interests

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Sixth Tone

Single and Proud: China’s Millennials Embrace a Solo Lifestyle

At Beijing’s trendiest new noodle joint, human interaction is off the menu.

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The Hill

To make capitalism more attractive, policymakers must emphasize

In “The Great Reversal: How America Gave Up on Free Markets,” the French-born NYU economist Thomas Philippon offers a timely diagnosis of what fundamentally ails the American economy. Philippon, using solid empirical evidence and careful research, asserts that the level of competition has declined in the U.S. (as exemplified by the rise in market concentration in several industries, the extent to which sectoral leaders have become entrenched and the high level of profits attained by the dominant firms).

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Talkin’ ’bout my generation: Is Kamala Harris a boomer, Gen X or …Gen Jones?

Turns out, pigeon-holing people into a generational cohort isn’t so easy

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Inside Higher Ed

College COVID strategies don’t adequately address typical student behavior

Students partied at the University of Colorado at Boulder in early May despite the county’s stay-at-home order in effect at the time.

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The Drum

Millennials continue to fuel hard seltzer sales, with no ceiling in sight

For those who don’t drink hard seltzer, the segment’s meteoric rise to $2bn in sales is hard to fathom. YouGov’s Graeme Bruce offers some clarity on why there is one consumer that matters most in this sector – millennials. Here’s why.

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How to End America’s Loneliness Epidemic

Making people more economically secure is the first step to ending the “intimacy apocalypse.”

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The American Conservative

A Millennial’s Guide To Millennial Anti-Wokeness

A reader who wishes to be anonymous wrote me a really good letter about the “Why Wokeness Is A Big Deal” post (which, if you haven’t yet read, please do before you comment on this letter).

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Business Times (Singapore)

Millennial workers miss working from office: survey

They want the social aspect: the interactions, the engagement and the buzz of a communal workspace.

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