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Gen-Z to Boomers #9

  • The new teen movies
  • The Silent Generation
  • Social media in Kenya
  • Student loans ‘motherhood penalty’
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The Ringer

The New Generation of Teen Movies Is Nicer (and on Netflix)

Tied to the 20th anniversary of Bring It On, we hereby dub the next five days Teen Movie Week. Dig up your varsity jacket, pull up to your cafeteria table, and re-live your adolescence as we celebrate the best coming-of-age movies ever made.

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MemeChat: An app that helps meme creators get paid by brands for their creativity

Started by two 22-year-olds, MemeChat is a space for creators, users and social media influencers to cash in on the meme-making phenomenon and was one of the winners of AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge.

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The Globe and Mail

The Silent Generation: How society dealt with the aftermath of the Second World War

Those who enlisted and survived or lost their lives in the Second World War (1939-1945) have been called the Greatest Generation, a term first coined by U.S. anchor Tom Brokaw but one that applies to Canadians as well. Fighting overseas, defending Canada and contributing to the war effort, this generation of some 1.1 million, who largely grew up during in the Great Depression, served in uniform and bled for victory.

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Mother Jones

There’s no better word to sum up this century so far than “pod”

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis, the election, and more, subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily newsletter.

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In defense of 2000s horror, an age of torture, tank tops, and Wikipedia

Welcome to 2000s Week! We’re exploring the pop culture that shaped us at the turn of the millennium, and examining what the films, shows, and games from the era say about us then and now. It’s a little #tbt to the days before #tbt was a thing.

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Australian Financial Review

The times have overtaken ‘archaic’ retirement rules

The act states “it is unlawful for any one or more of the partners in a partnership consisting of six or more partners to discriminate against another partner in the partnership on the ground of the other partner’s age … by expelling the other partner from the partnership.”

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The Conversation

How social media are levelling Kenya’s political field — and lessons learnt

Social media have opened up spaces for political candidates to engage with voters in more direct ways compared to traditional forms of campaigns such as rallies, billboard advertising, and the legacy media. Social media enhance the flow of information between candidates and voters. Traditional media in contrast are expensive; the feedback is constrained and they privilege elite candidates.

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Study Hall, the gossipy media site for freelancers, sees Gawker as its editorial north star

“We feel like we have to create the future of media, as we advocate for the people who work in it.”

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The Conversation

It’s time to scrap the student loans ‘motherhood penalty’

The student loans system was supposed to be a safe and fair way for everyone who seeks further education to get the funds they need. But the system is broken and women – particularly mothers – are bearing the brunt.

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Irish Independent

We owe much more credit to Millennials

To a man born into the pre-Great War world, gender-bending glam rock must have been a scary thing. What indeed was the world coming to? Socrates and Plato didn’t know the half of it.

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