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Gig Economy #14

  • France + new protections
  • Uber and under
  • Perils of slow invoicing
  • 1M left out of support scheme
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Indian Express

As going gets tough, a gig economy mushrooms

Mandeep and his taxi driver are now part of the gig economy that has cropped up in Punjab and elsewhere where people are taking up short-term contracts or freelance work mostly in abscence of permanent jobs.

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France considers new protections for gig worker “invisibles”

France will consider proposals to protect gig workers after pandemic lockdowns pushed the status of people who rely on tech platforms for their income to the forefront.

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Editor’s Note:

Several countries around the world have already announced protection plans for gig workers. France could become the latest to join the bandwagon, as here Helene Fouquet reports on the government going deeper into the debate around platforms.

Christian Science Monitor

Uber and under: Why gig workers struggle in pandemic

“This is one of those moments where we have this very dramatic fork in the road,” says Bama Athreya, an economic inequality fellow with Open Society Foundations and the host of “The Gig,” a new podcast about gig workers. “We need to redefine work in a way that gives people decent lives. And the money is there to do that.”

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South China Morning Post

They’re desperate to get back to earning at Sydney massage parlours

The 11-week closure of massage parlours ordered to limit the spread of coronavirus has been hard on the women who staff them, since they are not paid a salary.

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‘Fifty drivers fight for one order’: Southeast Asia gig economy slammed by virus

SINGAPORE/JAKARTA – Indonesian motorcycle taxi driver Aji chain-smokes and checks his smartphone constantly while waiting for orders by the roadside in downtown Jakarta on a hot June morning, but is staring at the prospect of another fruitless day.

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Editor’s Note:

You might have already seen stories about the plight of Uber and Lyft drivers because of coronavirus. Here Reuters reports about the state of such drivers in Singapore and Indonesia, highlighting how the number of rides has dried up.

The National (UAE)

What will the gig economy look like in a post-coronavirus world?

Freelancers will become an integral part of the future economy as we re-evaluate our business models.

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World Economic Forum

3 challenges facing global gig economy growth after COVID-19

COVID-19 is accelerating the growth of the cross-border offline-to-online (O2O) gig economy.

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How Slow Invoicing Is Hurting Freelancers

Freelancers have seen particularly harsh economic effects from the ongoing pandemic.

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Editor’s Note:

Payment delays continue to be a major problem for freelancers around the world. This article by PYMNTS.com notes that at a precarious time, US freelancers are losing thousands of dollars due to invoicing hurdles.

The Independent (UK)

One million people left out of coronavirus income support schemes, MPs warn

More than one million people have fallen through the gaps of government schemes designed to support them financially during the coronavirus pandemic, MPs have warned.

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Dutch News

Ministers ditch minimum freelance rate plan but will tackle gig economy workers

The cabinet has ditched plans to introduce a legal minimum rate for the self employed and to require high earning freelancers to sign a declaration of independence for every job they do.

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