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Gig Economy #15

  • Trouble for Grab?
  • A reworked landscape
  • Protecting art freelancers
  • UK contractors miss benefits
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London Evening Standard

Meet the theatre freelancers joining together to fight for the future

Theatre’s predicament in the face of the coronavirus pandemic is painfully unique. As the country starts to come out of lockdown, the industry is about to go into its fifth month of total shutdown, with no clear timeline for reopening and a promised government rescue package still yet to emerge. But there’s another aspect that makes theatre distinct: 70% of its workforce in the UK is made up of freelancers.

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Indian Express

A reworked landscape

Contours of post-Covid economy suggest a new framework of employment

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Black Voice News

Black Business Group Takes AB 5 Independent Contractor Fight to Gov. Newsom

The Black Small Business Association of California (BSBA) sent a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom June 12. In it, the group criticized the state’s proposed allocation of $20 million in the 2020-21 budget to enforce AB 5.

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Editor’s Note:

There has been a lot of debate around the controversial Assembly Bill 5 in California that reclassified independent contractors. Quinci Legardye reports that the Black Small Business Association of California (BSBA) has taken a move against the law, as in their view it could hurt gig workers in the state and promote inequality.

Channel News Asia

Commentary: Is trouble brewing in Grab paradise?

SINGAPORE: For all the stewing fears of coronavirus dismissals since the pandemic caught economies by surprise, this week may have seen the unemployment monster finally begin to rear its ugly head in Singapore.

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The Art Newspaper

Oxford Economics report: an emergency fund for the UK creative sector ‘needs to come soon’

It is time for a Creative New Deal amid the coronavirus crisis, says Caroline Norbury the chief executive officer of the Creative Industries Federation.

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Contractors working through umbrella firms have been ‘blocked from Covid-19 furlough scheme’

Despite paying full taxes, it has left them with little or no income during the lockdown.

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Editor’s Note:

Some independent contractors working in the UK are missing out on the government’s furlough scheme. Serina Sandhu writes about the plight of these workers who are suffering despite paying full taxes.

Santa Fe New Mexican

Working inside the gig economy

As things tenuously reopen here in Santa Fe, I know a lot of people who are searching for jobs and, as usual, it can be difficult to change jobs in what was a thriving restaurant and tourist town.

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Are Enterprise Teams The Next Big Thing In The Freelancing Revolution? 26 Freelance Executives Explain

Covid 19 has been particularly devastating to what freelance platforms call SMB: small and medium businesses and startups. A recent survey by Facebook found over 30% of small businesses have closed as a result of the pandemic; many are unlikely to reopen.

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Business Insider

After 2 layoff rounds and chaotic landlord negotiations, Airbnb-backed Zeus Living wants to shift its business model. Here’s how the corporate-housing startup is plotting a way forward.

Zeus Living, an Airbnb-backed startup that focuses on corporate housing, laid off almost two-thirds of its staff in three months.

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Straits Times

Protecting freelancers in the arts

The pandemic has thrown into stark relief inconsistencies in how freelancers are treated, and the Good Practices In Singapore Theatre Work Group plans to fix that.

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Editor’s Note:

The art and theatre industries employ a large amount of freelance creatives, as a few articles this week mention. Here Olivia Ho looks at the state of these gig workers in Singapore and wonders what could be done to protect them.