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Green Energy #14

  • Offshore wind and science
  • World’s largest solar project
  • Racism in clean energy
  • Ending fossil fuel support
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Renewable Power Will Soon Come Out on Top

A new report on global energy developments shows how far wind and solar have come—and hints at how far they’ll go.

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Editor’s Note:

A new report by the Frankfurt School-United Nations Environment Program Center and BloombergNEF shows that solar and wind power are growing at a rapid pace. Nathaniel Bullard discusses the key aspects of the report and looks at the future of coal.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Scientific Collaboration Buoys Future of Offshore Wind

Throughout history, adventurers have taken to the seas, propelled by the wind and a passion for new discoveries. Today, researchers at the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are charting a similar course of intrepid exploration, in search of new energy solutions where the water meets the sky.

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Times of Malta

Green roofs can boost economy – Vanya Veras

June 6 marked the very first World Green Roof Day. For a world just emerging from the isolation of lockdown into social distancing, the presence and importance of nature in our lives has become acutely evident.

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When it comes to nuclear power, fear is a bad advisor

Many opponents of nuclear power feel little obligation to put forward facts and serious arguments to make their case, writes Peter Cleppe.

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Business Standard

Adani wins world’s largest solar project order; to invest Rs 45,000 cr

The first 2 GW of generation capacity will start by 2022, with the rest installed in 2-GW annual increments through 2025, Adani said.

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How racism manifests in clean energy

As our institutions strain under the uprising in cities across the country, I’ve been struggling to comprehend the depth of racism in America.

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Houston Chronicle

Texas to get 15 utility-scale battery storage sites

Broad Reach Power, a Houston energy storage company, said it will install 15 utility-scale batteries at sites in Houston and Odessa as it seeks to store electricity when it’s cheap and sell it into wholesale power markets when prices jump.

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Times of Israel

In first, Environment Ministry to examine imposing carbon tax on polluters

In a dramatic move for Israel, the Environmental Protection Ministry on Wednesday held a joint workshop of experts with the Bank of Israel to discuss global warming, its potential impact on the Israeli economy, and carbon taxation to tackle it.

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The Guardian

UK considers ending financial support for fossil fuels overseas

The UK government is considering steps to end its ongoing financial support for fossil fuels overseas after using £3.5bn of public funds to support polluting projects since signing the Paris climate agreement.

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Editor’s Note:

Britain is looking at stopping the funding of overseas fossil fuels as it looks towards a cleaner future. Jillian Ambrose analyzes the key aspects and possible repercussions of this potential move here.


Low-income communities should have access to clean energy and the careers it creates: Legislator

The COVID-19 crisis has introduced us to an unimaginable reality. Many New Jersey families are juggling job and income loss with timely payment of monthly bills and providing food and shelter, all while taking care of at-risk or already infected family members. The grave truth is that our friends and neighbors are struggling to keep up with this new reality.

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