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Green Energy #21

  • California’s clean air fund
  • NZ’s clean energy goals
  • UK building huge batteries
  • Green roofs vs buildings
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California’s clean-air programs take a hit in new funding squeeze

Some of California’s key environmental programs for battling smog and climate change have lost nearly $105 million as the state grapples with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Column: U.S.-China cold war would redirect energy flows – Kemp

LONDON – Worsening diplomatic relations between the United States and China are putting a spotlight on their economic inter-dependency in the context of global supply chains for both technology and energy.

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University of Colorado

Green roofs or green buildings?

Imagine flying over Denver and spotting a cluster of downtown skyscrapers with vast swaths of green roofs visible at different heights. It would be enchanting, and it would be green — figuratively and literally.

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The Conversation

The UK plans to build huge batteries to store renewable energy – but there’s a much cheaper solution

The UK electricity system is undergoing significant and rapid change. It has the world’s largest installed capacity of offshore wind, has effectively stopped generating electricity from coal, and has recorded a 20% drop in demand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Channel News Asia

Commentary: Singapore’s dreams of becoming a solar-powered nation have almost arrived

SINGAPORE: Could sunlight offer the key to unlocking Singapore’s sustainable future?

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Financial Times ($)

A surprise from coal country?

When Tom Farrell, in 2006, became chief executive officer of Dominion Energy — one of America’s largest utilities — the Virginia-based company was the type of entity that sparked environmentalists’ fury. About 52 per cent of its electricity generation came from coal — which was perhaps no surprise given the crucial role that coal has played in Virginia’s history — and the rest emanated from natural gas, with a small contribution from nuclear plants.

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India’s plan to revive its flailing economy by boosting coal production is deeply flawed

Past experience shows Adivasi communities are worst-hit by the resulting resource depletion and land conflicts.

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Stuff NZ

A prudent approach to New Zealand’s renewable energy goals

OPINION: News our Government will explore a potential multi-billion dollar pumped hydro facility at Lake Onslow is a welcome sign we are moving beyond rhetoric and into options analysis as NZ Inc works to determine a prudent way forward in an era of rapid change and significant uncertainty.

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The New Republic

Fossil Fuels’ United Front Is Crumbling

Larry Householder, now facing charges over a scheme to bail out coal and nuclear plants while gutting renewables.

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Independent (UK)

Opinion: If Ireland can take the climate crisis seriously, why can’t Boris Johnson?

In June, during the height of the Covid-19 crisis, Ireland got a new coalition government. It did not receive much attention in the UK media, but it’s a climate game-changer for the Irish and British Isles.

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