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Green Energy #24

  • Mishandling in California
  • Transition in coal country
  • New nuclear options
  • Renewables struggle in India
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INSIGHT: What’s Next — Environmental Justice and Global Energy Opportunities

Current Democratic plans on environmental justice collectively support three essential steps, writes Mathy Stanislaus, a former EPA official during the Obama administration. They include making investments to clean up the most harmed communities; pursuing clean energy and a circular economy by getting global; and connecting the opportunity for clean energy and lasting cleanup for so-called “frontline” communities.

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Column: California blackouts illustrate risks of mishandled energy transition

LONDON – California’s recent blackouts have illustrated the risks when the transition to renewable generation proceeds faster than measures to make electricity consumption more responsive to available power supplies.

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Why the District of Columbia is a leader in energy efficiency

One of my favorite sessions from VERGE 2019 was a presentation by Amory Lovins on the expanding energy efficiency cornucopia. Among several things, he discussed the vital benefit of energy efficiency in working toward environmental sustainability through emissions reductions without harming or slowing economic growth.

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Daily Pioneer

Renewable energy sector powerless post pandemic

A drop in demand means that India is now staring at a two to three GW loss of capacity addition.

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Punch Nigeria

Promoting food security through renewable energy

The increasing climate emergency is greatly impacting food production and food supply chains and further fueling global hunger. Given the severity of food insecurity globally, and particularly across sub-Saharan Africa, particularly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is the growing need to put in place measures that minimise the adverse effects of climate change on agricultural production. The recognition of this need was globally demonstrated through adoption of the Paris Agreement.

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Star Tribune (Minnesota)

Xcel looks at new nuclear options as it moves to carbon-free power goals

As Xcel Energy and other U.S. electricity producers strive to reach 100% carbon-free power goals by midcentury, nuclear power is critical to their plans.

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Solving California’s heat-induced rolling blackouts with clean energy innovation

California experienced rolling blackouts over the weekend as our fossil-fuel reliant grid failed to respond to soaring temperatures, leaving many residents without air-conditioning or access to life-saving medical equipment.

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Transition in coal country: Forging paths forward

NEW RIVER GORGE – The blue rubber rafts shriek as they slide down steep metal rails, each guided by a crew that will soon be floating down a 9-mile stretch of river, replete with Class III, IV and V rapids and the ghosts of now-shuttered coal mines and processing plants.

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The Herald (Scotland)

Complacency is not an option and we are running out of time.

The Covid-19 pandemic has received 24/7 media coverage across the globe, and with good reason. Coronavirus has had a catastrophic impact, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, devastating our economies, and materially changing the lives of millions as we try to adapt to the profound societal changes it has inflicted.

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Atlantic Council

An effective ESG strategy strengthens the competitiveness of US liquefied natural gas

As companies face increased pressure to pursue sustainable investing, business leaders around the world are taking action to address their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. For US liquefied natural gas (LNG) companies, the rising focus on ESG provides a tailwind for their business, as they are already helping countries achieve their environmental targets by displacing coal and oil and supporting the development of renewables.

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