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Green Energy #25

  • Towards a green recovery
  • California’s big first step
  • Nigeria’s transition plan
  • Coal comeback?
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New York Times

The Pandemic’s Economic Crisis Calls for a Green Recovery

Rachel Kyte, the dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts University, shows what a climate-focused recovery might look like and why the time to get started is right now.

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Natural Resources Defense Council

California Takes A Big First Step Toward Climate Change Adaptation

California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) just became the nation’s first regulator to require utilities to better account for the impact of climate change on energy infrastructure and services, ordering them to prioritize it in their planning and operations.

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Project Syndicate

How the Pandemic Can Revolutionize Climate Policy

AMSTERDAM – Economists have long dominated climate-policy debates, but have scant results to show for it. As with the ongoing global fight against the coronavirus pandemic, our best hope for tackling the climate crisis may instead lie with systems science. By better understanding how networks function, we can design policies that harness them for the common good.

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Vanguard Nigeria

Nigeria’s oil and the energy transition

At the start of our national life as a country, oil was not the fulcrum of the economy. In fact, Nigerian history is replete with nostalgic stories of agricultural produce like palm kernel and groundnut being exported and accounting for more than 70 percent of the country’s Gross National Product, GNP.

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Real Clear Energy

Blackouts and Fires Caused by California’s Ineffective Green Policies

In the soft warmth of spring the swallows famously return to Capistrano, but in recent years they are followed by what seems inevitable summer power outages and fires. This is not as pleasant an experience for Californians as the return of our favored feathered companions.

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The Fort Collins Coloradoan

Platte River eyes plan for 90% noncarbon electricity by 2030

Platte River Power Authority appears poised to adopt a plan to achieve over 90% carbon-free electricity for Fort Collins and surrounding areas by 2030, highlighting the possibility that the power provider could fall short of its goal of 100% non-carbon electricity by 2030.

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Press Trust of India

UN chief asks G20, including India, to invest in green transition as they recover from COVID-19

UN chief Antonio Guterres on Friday renewed his call on India and other G20 countries to invest in a clean, sustainable transition as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, expressing concern over the continued support for fossil fuels by nations around the world.

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Washingtoon Examiner

US must counteract China’s rapidly increasing carbon emissions

It is impossible to combat global climate change and mitigate its negative impacts on the world, without confronting the exponentially growing carbon dioxide emissions problem stemming from China.

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Trump Promised a Coal Comeback But America’s Miners Need an Energy Revolution

Bobby Stevens’s backup plan for his backup plan encountered an obstacle a few months ago. In March the coronavirus pandemic closed the Kentucky government building where he was set to take his commercial driver’s license test, which he started studying for after he got dismissed by his second coal company in a year, where he’d started working after the first one went bankrupt.

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The Ballarat Courier

Renewable energy projects set to stall without government action

The development of new renewable energy projects around Ballarat and Victoria will stall unless further incentives and confidence is given to the sector, industry leaders and environment groups say.

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