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Green Energy #26

  • Painting wind turbines
  • Nevada ahead of schedule
  • Preventing power outages
  • Future energy predictions
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The Conversation

Painting wind turbines black could help protect birds – so long as it doesn’t disrupt their migration

With climate change threatening many of the world’s species with extinction, a transition from fossil fuels is urgently needed. But some argue that the rush to replace coal power with wind could endanger birds that have a habit of flying into turbines.

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Portland Press Herald

Insight: Climate crisis not getting a wartime response

A World War II era energy project stands in sharp contrast to Maine’s slow progress on offshore wind.

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The Pioneer

Slump bad for the environment

As the Govt becomes busy resuscitating the economy and fighting the pandemic, all environmental initiatives will take a back seat.

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BNN Bloomberg

The Gas Industry’s Survival Plan: Make Fuel From Cow Poop

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The Engineer

Future energy predictions: Growth of flexibility and grid forming

It is well known that COVID-19 has caused low energy demand and the growth of renewable energy across Europe. Now, Andrew Tang, Vice President for Energy Storage at Wärtsilä, predicts this will result in swift action to build better grid resiliency.

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Taipei Times

Let us work for a green recovery

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and starts to gradually prepare to deal with its longer-term effects, governments and societies should take a moment to reflect on what they can learn from this crisis and use these lessons to build a better future.

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With record new solar and wind installed, Australia’s clean energy is booming – for now

The numbers make a clear case that renewable energy is booming in Australia. Data released last week by the government’s Clean Energy Regulator suggests 6.3 gigawatts of new solar and wind energy – roughly equivalent in capacity to four large coal plants – will be installed across the country this year.

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The Nevada Independent

How ahead-of-schedule energy storage adoption could help Nevada avoid blackouts, electric supply issues

Nevada and other states’ increasing reliance on and plans to adopt more and more renewable energy have a slight problem: The sun eventually has to go down.

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Financial Times $

Poland needs a clear plan for kicking a dirty habit

Few things encapsulate the dysfunction of Poland’s energy sector better than the Central Coal Depot. Set up by the government in January to diminish the mountains of unsold coal piling up in Polish mines, by June the site outside Ostrow Wielkopolski had accumulated almost a million tonnes of the stuff. Overall, at the end of July, Poland’s coal surplus stood at 7.9m tonnes — 74 per cent more than a year earlier.

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The San Diego Union-Tribune

Can a multi-state energy grid avert power outages in California?

The pair of statewide power outages in August that hit the Golden State for the first time in nearly 20 years has resurrected the debate over whether California should join other states in the West and form what supporters say would be an “enhanced” regional power grid.

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