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Green Energy #27

  • California’s power grid
  • Carbon trading in Africa
  • Energy security
  • Solar energy and Joshua Tree
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LA Times

Why does California’s power grid keep flirting with disaster? We’ve got answers

California was forced to take desperate measures over Labor Day weekend to keep the lights on.

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Why a deal on energy could break the Brexit logjam

The study suggests that existing interconnectors and those under construction mean the UK’s energy market will suffer too greatly after Brexit.

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Africa in Fact

Can Carbon Trading Work in Africa?

There’s big potential for Africa to participate in international carbon markets given its ability to contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation

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Visual Capitalist

The Flows of Energy Consumption by Source and Country

Over the last 50 years, the world has seen a colossal increase in energy consumption — and with the ongoing transition to renewable energy, it’s interesting to look at how these sources of energy have been evolving over time.

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The Nation

States Are Doing What Big Government Won’t to Stop Climate Change

This story is part of a collaboration between The Nation and InsideClimate News as part of Covering Climate Now, a global journalistic collaboration strengthening coverage of the climate story. The piece below focuses on cities; to read how green recovery spending can impact rural areas, click here.

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Data Center Frontier

Climate Risk Sharpens Focus on Energy Security, On-Site Power Generation

This week the American West resembles an apocalypse, with raging wildfires consuming thousands of acres of parched landscape, turning daytime skies a hazy orange and leaving death and destruction in their wake. Many West Coast residents are at imminent peril for their life or property, while others must manage rolling power blackouts to protect utility grids.

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The Daily Beast

The Fight to Save the Joshua Tree Has a Surprising Foe — the Solar Industry

Despite evidence that the Mojave’s iconic plant is en route to extinction, solar companies insist on continuing development that critics say risks the plant’s survival.

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Factbox: On climate, it’s Biden’s green revolution versus Trump’s war on red tape

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. presidential election pits a politician who plans to tie the country’s economic recovery to tackling climate change against another determined to remove as many regulatory hurdles to oil, gas and coal production as possible.

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San Francisco Chronicle

As California burns, Biden missing chance to focus on climate change

Joe Biden is passing up a chance to make fighting climate change the centerpiece of his campaign, environmentalists say, at time when wildfires have incinerated an unprecedented 3 million-plus acres in California, a record hurricane season is battering the Southeast and one of the worst windstorms ever to hit Iowa caused $4 billion in damage.

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Smart Cities Dive

EV battery sustainability is a must to meet climate ambitions

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Ethan N. Elkind, director of the climate program at UC Berkeley School of Law’s Center for Law, Energy and the Environment (CLEE) and Patrick R. P. Heller, an advisor at the Natural Resource Governance Institute and senior visiting fellow at CLEE.

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