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Green Energy #29

  • Methane at landfills

  • China’s plan

  • Luxury air

  • Shell cost-cutting
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How Seriously Should We Take China’s Ambitious New Climate Pledge?

Chairman Xi Jinping of China dropped some potentially historic news in the middle of an otherwise pro forma address to the U.N. Generally Assembly on Tuesday, setting a surprisingly ambitious and specific target for reducing carbon emissions.

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Daily Maverick

ISS TODAY: Circular economy: moving Africa towards environmental sustainability

Greater use of renewable energy can help move away from carbon-intensive power sources to create low-carbon economies. (Photo: EPA/Nic Bothma)

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China’s Pledge to Be Carbon Neutral by 2060, Explained

Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to adopt stricter policies that would allow China to reach its carbon emissions peak before 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2060 — a move he described as a “green recovery” of the world economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Clean Technica

Doing Something About Global Warming Is Cheaper Than Doing Nothing

The rallying cry from conservatives for the past 40 years is that doing something about our overheating planet is just too darn expensive. Better to do nothing and continue marching into the future using a business as usual approach than actually address the climate emergency. That’s the horse puckey spewed billions of times by rapacious fools who are in thrall to Charles Koch. Any lie repeated often enough becomes the truth, which basically explains the business model of Fox News.

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Mega renewable energy park in Kutch could have potentially adverse environmental impact

Renewable sector experts concede that environmental concerns are legitimate but renewable projects are the best bet right now. They noted that evacuation of renewable power generated is also an important point that requires attention.

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Mother Jones

Both parties used to love the carbon tax. So why are they giving up on it?

It was a cold February day in Salem, Oregon, and Republican state senators were fleeing the capitol.

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Stuff NZ

Why climate-heating methane escapes our landfills

The majority of all waste in Canterbury ends up in a mega landfill about an hour’s drive north of Christchurch.

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The Conversation

What Nigeria’s poor power supply really costs and how a hybrid system could work for business

Nigeria faces the triple challenge of providing reliable power supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping energy affordable to consumers.

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LA Times

The luxury air business is booming — as many Californians struggle to breathe

Gregory Malin remembers the night he realized a breath of fresh air could help sell a mansion.

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Shell launches major cost-cutting drive to prepare for energy transition

LONDON: Royal Dutch Shell is looking to slash up to 40 per cent off the cost of producing oil and gas in a major drive to save cash so it can overhaul its business and focus more on renewable energy and power markets, sources told Reuters.

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