Introducing Deepnews Distills

Deepnews offers the best news on a range oftopics

The next big step for Deepnews is introducing a product that can help readers get consistent quality articles on a subject that interests them, and use the technology to change the way people consume news. There are some topics that individual newspapers or sites are good at writing about occasionally, but readers often lack consistent coverage or the whole picture of what is happening.

That brings us to Distills. They are part-newsletter, part-monitoring service, and we think that they can fill the gap on subjects where, amid all of the fluff, there is a lot happening below the radar of traditional media in smaller outlets and blogs. We decided to start off with five subjects where we think that the Deepnews algorithm can be most useful both to those with expertise in the fields as well as casual readers who always hear about these subjects and want to learn more. The first five are space exploration (Over the Moon on Mondays), food tech (Future of Food on Tuesdays), misinformation (Matter of Facts on Wednesdays), facial recognition (Face Value on Thursdays) and autonomous vehicles (Free Wheeling on Fridays).

This list will soon expand, though starting with five means that Deepnews subscribers can get quality articles every day of the week. We think that this is a better way to get news, and we hope you agree.

Christopher Brennan – Editor