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Latin America #4

  • Pedalling in Guatemala
  • Fishing fleet and Galápagos
  • Mexico targets junk food
  • Techno-authoritarianism
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MIT Technology Review

Brazil is sliding into techno-authoritarianism

Recently, though, the country has veered down a more authoritarian path. Even before the pandemic, Brazil had begun creating an extensive data-collection and surveillance infrastructure. In October 2019, President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree compelling all federal bodies to share most of the data they hold on Brazilian citizens, from health records to biometric information, and consolidate it in a vast master database, the Cadastro Base do Cidadão (Citizen’s Basic Register). With no debate or public consultation, the measure took many people by surprise.

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Financial Express

Pedalling to teach: A young teacher pedals daily to teach his students

It all started somewhere in mid-March when global pandemic led to the schools being closed across the globe including Guatemala.

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Thomson Reuters

Stamping out Brazil’s domestic slavery an uphill battle

RIO DE JANEIRO – Whenever Elisa goes out in her small town in northeastern Brazil, she fears seeing the family she once considered her own.

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Harper’s Bazaar

The Wall of Moms Got Your Attention, but Mothers Have Always Been Fighting for Change

Motherhood can be a powerful instrument to fight against oppression.

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New York Times

Coronavirus crisis has made Brazil an ideal vaccine laboratory

RIO DE JANEIRO – The chaotic response to the coronavirus in Brazil, where it has killed more than 105,000 people, made the country’s experience a cautionary tale that many around the world have watched with alarm.

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Chinese fishing fleet threatens Galápagos Islands

Ecuador is on alert after its navy discovered a fleet of more than 200 Chinese fishing vessels near the Galápagos Islands.

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Foreign Policy

Latin America Won’t Give In to Trump Without a Fight

In the tussle over the Inter-American Development Bank, the region is prepared to wait him out.

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Gasoline-starved Venezuela squeezed by U.S. seizure of Iranian fuel cargoes

CARACAS/NEW YORK – Venezuela had few options for obtaining gasoline on Friday after the United States seized four Iranian fuel shipments en route to the fuel-starved South American country, where protests intensified over widespread gasoline shortages.

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The Conversation

From the COVID-19 epicentre: lessons from Latin American cities’ successes and failures

Latin America is now the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fastest spread of the disease in the region’s cities follows a pattern of contagion that is anything but arbitrary. Disturbing images in international media depict the unfolding crisis, from disinfection campaigns in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to stockpiles of cardboard coffins in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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Associated Press

Mexico targets junk food as obesity takes toll amid pandemic

As more states propose or approve bans on junk food sales to minors, Mexico is seeing the tide turn against highcalorie snacks that experts say have given the country one of the highest rates of childhood obesity and an unusually young coronavirus death toll.

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