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Latin America #6

  • Migrants from Another World
  • Pablo Escobar’s son?
  • US and Venezuela
  • Remittances rebound
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Foreign Policy

Argentina’s Economy Crumbles as Buenos Aires Lockdown Continues

The nation was already on the economic brink before COVID-19 hit.

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Global Investigative Journalism Network

How They Did It: Collaborating Across a Continent on Latin America’s Untold Migrant Stories – Global Investigative Journalism Network

In the project Migrantes de otro mundo (Migrants from Another World) a team of more than 40 journalists in more than a dozen countries decided to collaborate to tell the story of the migrants from Asia and Africa who travel through Latin America each year.

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i News

Friends say author claiming to be Pablo Escobar’s son is making it all up

In his new bestselling book, Son of Escobar, a British painter writes that he was adopted by an MI6 agent involved in a helicopter drugs raid in Colombia that killed his mother, but an investigation by i has uncovered serious doubts

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Green Left Australia

The failure of US strategy in Venezuela

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States’ “maximum pressure” campaign against Venezuela continues to intensify.

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Associated Press

Ecuador’s Blooming Flower Industry Feels Pandemic’s Punch

QUITO, Ecuador: Flower growers in Ecuador are trimming back their fields, cutting plants at the root and in some cases tossing out piles of colorful blooms entirely as the pandemic delivers a devastating blow to one of the nations biggest export industries.

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Spaceflight Now

Vega rocket deploys 53 satellites on successful return to flight mission

Delayed a year by a launch failure, the coronavirus pandemic and a stretch of stiff upper level winds this summer, an Italian-made Vega rocket vaulted into orbit from French Guiana on Wednesday night and deployed 53 small satellites from 13 countries to punctuate a flawless return to flight mission.

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Pew Research

Amid COVID-19, remittances to some Latin American nations fell sharply in April, then rebounded

Remittances to several Latin American nations with close migrant ties to the United States declined sharply in the first half of 2020 – especially in April, when much of the U.S. was locked down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from their national central banks.

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TPS: A Vital Element of U.S. Foreign Policy toward Venezuela

The United States has committed to help Venezuelans restore their democracy. It’s in the national and regional interest to see security and stability in the region. But efforts by the international community have fallen short so far. Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis, which now faces the added implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, continues to deteriorate at breakneck speed with no political solution in sight.

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Geospatial World

Amazon is burning again; a new tool can help track the fires

The Amazon is burning once again and reports say this year could be more devastating than 2019. But there is some good news at last! NASA-funded researchers have developed a new tool which now makes it easier for authorities and other stakeholders to track the fires by their types, locations and risk factors. The satellite-driven, web-based tool quickly classifies fires into one of four categories — deforestation, understory fires, small clearing and agricultural fires, and savanna/grassland fires. The fire season in the Amazon typically intensifies in August and peaks in September and October.

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Associated Press

After Barcelona, Messi’s Argentine hometown dreams of return

A group of Brazilian lawmakers made a final push Thursday to try to convince President Jair Bolsonaro not to reduce tariffs on American ethanol, a major Trump administration request.

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