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Middle East #3

  • Beirut’s art scene
  • UAE, Israel deal
  • Environmentalism and Islam
  • Iraq, Turkey and water
Published every Friday

Middle East Eye

Islah leader calls Saudis ‘mice’ and says he will liberate Yemen’s Mocha from UAE

In the video, Salem is seen mocking Saudi Arabia’s inability to defeat the Houthis (screenshot)

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What Israel, UAE and the U.S. Get From Historic Deal

Even if it matters little to Trump, future American leaders will appreciate the agreement.

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Jerusalem Post

‘Do you want Iran promoting terror with or without a nuke?’

Does the world want an Iran that promotes terror with or without a nuclear weapon, asked former US defense secretary William Perry in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. He was arguing that the United States should rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.He said that although the hope was that the Islamic Republic’s behavior would normalize through JCPOA, “none of that was on paper,” Perry said.

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EU Observer

[Column] Lebanon is a new focal point

More than the tangible destruction, the explosion in the port of Beirut meant the ultimate destruction of hope for many civilians.

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Gulf News

‘Shadow’ economies cannot be wished away

Not when key resources in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen are controlled by the corrupt and inept

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Iran moves from oil to petrochemicals in export

Country launches 3 major petrochemical projects worth $1.6B to boost non-oil revenue

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COVID-19 in the Middle East

With weak health systems and poor technological infrastructure, the Middle East’s most fragile states have been forced to use costly policies to fight COVID-19, with potentially devastating effect, Daniel Habib writes.

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Al Jazeera

It is time the Muslim world gets serious about climate change

Muslims already have an environmentalist framework to follow. It is set in Islam.

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Daily Sabah

Deadly explosion destroys decimates Beirut’s culture and art scene

Last week saw a massive explosion in the Port of Beirut hit the global headlines. The death toll, as well as the economic damage, were indeed very serious. There were also political aspects of the issue. The incident will undoubtedly affect Lebanon and the Mediterranean in its entirety. In addition to all this political and economic chaos, however, arts and cultural venues also sustained some severe damages in the blast.

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Al Monitor

What trump cards is Iraq pulling against Turkey to secure water quota?

Turkey started building Ilisu dam in 2006 and made it operational in 2018. The dam limited the flow of water to Iraq, which exacerbated fear in Mesopotamia of an acute water shortage and an incapacity to meet the population’s daily and agricultural needs.

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