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Middle East #6

  • 2019 US Embassy attack
  • Power struggle in the Med
  • Flight over Saudi
  • Sustainable fashion
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Jerusalem Post

How Russia outplayed the US with Turkey in Syria

At the same time US diplomats have generally given the SDC the cold shoulder and been unable to work with Turkey on Syrian issues. Why has Russia succeeded where the US failed to work with its own NATO ally Turkey and the Syrian Kurdish forces it backs in Syria?

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Exclusive: The Inside Story of the 2019 U.S. Embassy Attack

It was a balmy, overcast New Year’s Eve in Baghdad in 2019, and six Diplomatic Security agents were fending off enraged Iraqi protestors trying to surge into their compound. The Iraqis had started by throwing Molotov cocktails over the perimeter wall, in an apparent attempt to set fire to the embassy’s fuel depot. Now they were trying to force open two doors on either side of the compound’s northeastern gate.

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Ahval News

New Power Struggles in the Mediterranean

This year, as it celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration and the launching of the EuroMediterranean Partnership, the European Union is dealing with a flurry of new actors that have recently emerged in the Mediterranean region. China, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have taken major steps, directly and through proxies, to advance their interests in the eastern Mediterranean Basin and on its shores. Indeed, the European Union and its members most concerned – Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy and Malta – remain strongly engaged, as are the United States and NATO from a security standpoint. But, clearly, new power struggles are playing out in the region. They are, simultaneously, economic, military and ideological.

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Associated Press

UAE formally ends Israel boycott amid US-brokered deal

The ruler of the United Arab Emirates issued a decree Saturday formally ending the country’s boycott of Israel amid a U.S.-brokered deal to normalize relations between the two countries.

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Christian Science Monitor

Why US wants Saudis to follow UAE’s path to nuclear energy

“We are keenly aware of the fact that other governments, specifically the Russians and Chinese, use their lower nonproliferation standards as an economic advantage,” says a State Department official. “The message we are providing … is: Who do you want to be partners with?”

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Opinion | Gulf states have sacrificed Uighur Muslims for access to China’s cash

The human rights of “people of all ethnic groups” living in China’s westernmost region have been “effectively safeguarded.” This was the bold assertion in a July 2020 Joint Statement backed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates , Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman, among others.

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For the Sustainable Fashion Movement to Scale, Climate Information Needs to Be Available In More Languages

Teen activist Sophia Kianni is trying to make this possible through a new translation initiative.

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El Al Flight Over Saudi Arabia Is a Sign of Hope

Will other Gulf states sign deals with Israel after this diplomatic milestone?

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Jewish Forward

Emiratis say their deal with Israel will be good for Palestinians, too — eventually

There are still plenty of critics of the historic deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, but the one place you won’t find many of them is in the UAE.

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Dhaka Tribune

OP-ED: What is the future of our migrant workers?

The government must make an effort to increase the skill level of future expats

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