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Middle East

Published every Friday
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The Middle East is rich in history, resources and stories. But there is so much more than that which is not often picked up by mainstream press in North America or Europe. This newsletter aims to cover all aspects of the Middle East region – the business, the conflicts, the development, and the people that live there.

Articles in this newsletter discuss globally resonant issues such as reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, resolving border issues and ensuring a more just life for all citizens. At the same time, it also uncovers hidden gems from local news outlets that look at neglected issues like Middle Eastern technology.

Of course, one topic not to be forgotten is the ongoing pandemic, highlighting the local strategies that have worked, and places where problems may fester.

Latest editions
  • Middle East #2
    August 7, 2020
    • Tackling domestic violence
    • Egypt and Sudan end talks
    • Secret oil deal in Syria
    • Chinese influence in Oman
  • Middle East #1
    July 31, 2020
    • Despair in Lebanon
    • Iran plane 'harassed'
    • Egypt eyes vaccine
    • Gulf countries COVID fight