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Oh the places you’ll go … and the length you will go through to get there. This newsletter covers all things travel, across regions, across countries and across the world.

It finds interesting things that are happening in he railway stations, airports and ferry terminals from places near and far, focusing on the way that travel is evolving in the 21st century. Beyond the changes that are happening in transportation, the newsletter covers the travel industry, from the decline of tour operators to the rise of eco-tourism. As with all our of newsletters, articles are pulled from a wide variety of sources, because you never know when a local newspaper on the other side of the ocean is going to have a piece that impacts you but you don’t want to miss out on an excellent article from a travel expert’s blog. 

Travel in the 21st century is a great topic in normal times, though the coronavirus pandemic has also made it something that needs particular attention. With the future of travel in the years ahead being impacted every day, it’s always important to stay informed.

Latest editions
  • Travel #14
    September 24, 2020
    • Industry upside down
    • Leisure is way forward?
    • Saving Rome's monuments
    • Environment before development?
  • Travel #13
    September 17, 2020
    • Wildlife tourism and water
    • Baltic bubble bursts
    • Regional tourism in Oz
    • Thailand reopening
  • Travel #12
    September 10, 2020
    • After apple picking
    • Two Niagara mayors
    • Free plane seats?
    • Econ of loyalty
  • Travel #11
    September 3, 2020
    • Religious tourism hit hard
    • A tale of two cities
    • International travel plateaus
    • Regenerative travel arrives
  • Travel #10
    August 27, 2020
    • Hawaii pivot fails to deliver
    • Indoor holidaying
    • Workstations in Japan
    • With open palms
  • Travel #9
    August 20, 2020
    • Work from Barbados?
    • SE Asia's tourist islands
    • Kiwis flock to own islands
    • Vegas show stops
  • Travel #8
    August 13, 2020
    • Another airline bailout?
    • Ecotourism in Laos
    • India announces package
    • Volunteer tourism hit
  • Travel #7
    August 6, 2020
    • Sleepy lions & empty bars
    • The future of hotels
    • Rising sea levels & travel
    • Maori tourism operators
  • Travel #6
    July 30, 2020
    • Florida tourism struggles
    • Crazy to open an agency?
    • Second wave blow in Europe
    • Saving Ireland's coast
  • Travel #5
    July 23, 2020
    • Scaling back in Singapore
    • US travel seeks help
    • Controversy in Japan
    • Saving the Maldives