What do we mean when we say that an article is a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

This page includes explanations of each of our scores and examples of articles that show what we mean. Check them out and also test some of your own examples below.

Articles that score 5

Deepnews measures only the text of an article actually contains, and looks for original reporting, authoritative sourcing, and exploration of multiple ideas. It does not look at the author or outlet, meaning that we give a diverse range of pieces out highest score.


On the ground reporting

When police violence is a dog bite

Good sourcing!

The Guardian
The Mystery of the Gatwick Drone

Outlet doesn’t matter

The Maine Monitor
She was afraid of her lawyer. Then the text messages started.

Articles that score 4

Articles that score 4 show many of the same qualities as 5s, however they may be slightly less in depth, choosing to explore one angle rather than many. 

Well done features

Hakai Magazine
This Channel Isn't Big Enough For Two Behemoths

A little more depth than normal

Texas Tribune
Texas has $2 billion in COVID-19 relief funds left to spend. Advocacy groups are anxiously watching.

Articles that score 3

There is nothing wrong with articles that score a 3, though they generally provide less information than the 4s and 5s. Many news articles receive this score.

Event write ups

Associated Press
Feds ordered to pay landowners for flooding damage along lower Missouri River

Covering an announcement

Portland Press Herald
Main delegation united on federal bill to help veterans

Articles that score 2

There are also many articles that fit into the 2 category. They may provide worthwhile coverage or analysis of a topic, but don’t really dig in-depth

Limited information

NY Post
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 9-year-old daughter tests positive for COVID-19

Little analysis

Charlotte Observer
Three men arrested, charged after shooting in home, injuring 9-year-old girl, police say

Articles that score 1

Articles that are short, contain little news, or little original reporting may receive a 1.

Just a quick blurb

What’s New On Netflix Canada For January 2021

Little original reporting

The Mirror
Katie Price gets belly button rings in ears after 'language barrier' mix-up in Turkey