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What is it?

Test out how Deepnews can help your business by seeing our scores on articles of your choice. See how you fit in on our Audience page.

How it works

After filling out the form you will receive an automatically generated API key along with a welcome note from CTO Girish Gupta. You can use this API key for up to 1000 articles or 30 days.

What you send

You can call on our API with either urls or body texts of articles that you would like to score.

What you get back

For each url or body text, you will receive both the quality score from 1 to 5 as well as a measure of Deepnews’s confidence in that score for general news.

And then what happens?

As you get a taste of what our quality score can do over the course of the month, Deepnews will be in contact for any questions or concerns. We can also discuss moving forward to have access to our API after the 30 days are over.

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