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Regulating Big Tech #21

  • 5G reality check
  • Behind Microsoft & TikTok
  • Turkey vs Twitter
  • Looted-artificats
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The Hindu

Reliance’s 5G claim: A reality check

Reliance’s claim that it has developed fully “indigenous” 5G capability appears dubious given the way the technology has evolved across the world. Its pole position in the Indian telecom market raises fears that this may limit India’s capabilities in telecommunications in the future.

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Microsoft nears big bet on TikTok after risky LinkedIn deal shows promise

OAKLAND, Calif. – Microsoft Corp’s potential acquisition of short-video app TikTok carries myriad risks, thrusting it into the politically fraught social media business and Sino-U.S. conflict amid increased scrutiny of big-tech companies.

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Ex-Wife Prosecuted for Violating Order That She “Shall Not Post Anything” About Ex-Husband

But the judge threw out the prosecution, on the ground that the order violated the First Amendment.

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USA Today

TikTok purchase: Could buying app make Microsoft cool to consumers?

So why does Microsoft want to buy TikTok, a social media service favored by American teens? It could be that the stodgy software giant’s long-awaited fountain of youth.

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The Telegraph (UK) ($)

Facebook at risk from TikTok’s unlikely saviour

“This would be a major strategic bet,” says Dan Ives, managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities. “[Microsoft] has for the last decade shied away from social media, to some extent to its own detriment … and TikTok essentially fell in its lap. Which would put it in a very formidable spot on day one.”

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Tech Giants Face Growing Calls for Tougher Regulatory Treatment

On July 29, in a congressional antitrust hearing, the CEOs of four of the world’s biggest tech companies endured a five-plus-hour cross-examination filled with combative and accusatory questioning. The livestreamed bipartisan grilling was aimed at making the case that the rich corporate quartet — Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Alphabet — have repeatedly abused their outsize economic clout.

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What a Trove of Emails From Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google Could Mean for Potential Antitrust Cases

The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet were careful not to say too much as they were grilled by lawmakers on the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust last Wednesday. But internal documents released by the committee after the hearing say plenty.

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In Turkey, Twitter is the enemy of the people

The countdown on continued operation of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in Turkey began on Thursday evening, after the Turkish parliament passed a law to supervise social media. According to the law, all foreign social media platforms with over a million daily users will have to appoint a representative in Turkey as a liaison between the government and the platform.

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New York Times

Why the Working Class Votes Against Its Economic Interests

One of the mysteries in politics for decades now has been why white working-class Americans began to vote Republican in large numbers in the 1960s and 1970s. After all, it was Democrats who supported labor unions, higher minimum wages, expanded unemployment insurance, Medicare and generous Social Security, helping to lift workers into the middle class.

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The Atlantic

Facebook’s Looted-Artifact Problem

The Islamic State turned the social platform into a global marketplace for stolen relics — until a group of vigilante archaeologists took matters into their own hands.

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