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Regulating Big Tech #24

  • Schrems on EU decision
  • Embedding images
  • Lawsuits under GDPR
  • NJ court on phone privacy
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Max Schrems on the EU court ruling that could cut Facebook in two

Last month’s ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), ripping up the EU-US Privacy Shield and sewing doubt over alternative mechanisms, has put a cat among the pigeons of international data transfers.

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Epic’s Fortnite banned by Apple and Google: Everything you need to know

Long story short: Fortnite has been kicked off both the App Store and the Google Play Store after attempting to bypass the 30% fee Apple and Google charge developers. That’s huge news, since the game has been downloaded over 250 million times on iOS alone.

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National Law Review

To Embed or Not to Embed?: A New Challenge to Embedding Images From Social Media

Embedding content from a social media site in one’s website initially seemed to be a safe harbor from a copyright infringement claim. In 2007, the Ninth Circuit adopted the so-called “server test,” ruling that in-line linking of images – now more commonly referred to as embedding – did not violate the exclusive display, copying or distribution rights of the copyright holder because, via HTML instructions, users are only directed to the website where the images are stored.That ruling, at least as to violation of the display right, has recently been rejected, with at least one court finding a violation of a copyright owner’s exclusive display right regardless of whether a third-party server hosted the image.

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Channel News Asia

Commentary: Why doesn’t India have as many tech unicorns as China does?

LAUSANNE: Why has India not matched China’s spectacular rise in online services and e-commerce giants? The two Asian powers are, on the face of it, very similar.

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The Role Of Cross-Border Data Flows In Countering Terrorism Financing

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) have emerged as one of the most effective solutions to this challenge

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How tech companies are tackling online abuse of tennis players

)He would dread checking his phone — and no wonder.

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A new threat to press freedom: Lawsuits

Wealthy plaintiffs using GDPR as a weapon against the press is a frightening new method of intimidating the media. This was certainly not the intention of its authors.

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London School of Economics

Why we need to do something about the monopsony power of employers

You have almost certainly heard of monopoly, but less likely to have heard of monopsony. The literal definition of monopoly is a situation where there is only one seller of a product; though the term is used more loosely to refer to the case where there are a few sellers and not much competition between them. They have what is called ‘market power’ – some ability to set their own prices. The consequence of monopoly is that prices are higher than they would be in a competitive market. Monopsony refers to the same idea but for employers; the consequence is that wages are lower than they would be in a competitive market.

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How to Handle EU Data Without the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework | Hacker Noon

On July 16, 2020, the European Court of Justice invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, erasing the data protection measures that had previously allowed a United States business to hold the data of European Union citizens in servers that reside in the US.

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CPO Magazine

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Phone Passcodes Are Not Protected by Fifth Amendment – CPO Magazine

In a blow to personal privacy and legal protection from self-incrimination, New Jersey’s highest court has ruled that people do not have a Fifth Amendment right to refuse to give phone passcodes to police.

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