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Regulating Big Tech #25

  • Cyber pandemic?
  • Regulating FinTech
  • Radio in Liberia
  • Game over in India
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Israel 21C

How to avoid a cyber pandemic during the Covid pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned Israel’s world-respected cybersecurity professionals into frontline soldiers in a fight against what some see as a looming cyber pandemic.

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Irish Independent

On the hunt for the cryptocurrency conwoman who stole billions

Often seen at public events in a full-length ballgown, diamond earrings and a slash of trademark red lipstick, Dr Ruja Ignatova has been described as “a cross between Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Steve Jobs”.

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ABC (Australia)

Let companies like Afterpay stay unregulated, says Senate inquiry into fintech

Consumers don’t need to have legal protections when they use “buy now, pay later” services like Afterpay and Zip, because those companies can just self-regulate, according to a Senate inquiry into fintech.

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MY TAKE: Lessons learned from the summer of script kiddies hacking Twitter, TikTok – Security Boulevard

Graham Ivan Clark, Onel de Guzman and Michael Calce. These three names will go down in the history of internet commerce, right alongside Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

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Regulatory Authority Issues Caution as FM Radio Stations Risk Shutdown

Monrovia — The Liberia Telecommunications Authority, the regulatory and competition authority charged with the statutory responsibility to ensure a vibrant telecommunications sector in Liberia, is on the verge of implementing and enforcing a new regulation for FM stations which could affect the future of major radio stations operating in Liberia.

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The American Conservative

Think the Supplements Are Bad for You? The Regulators Are Worse | The American Conservative

Doing business in the sports supplement field can be a regulatory nightmare for small and medium-sized operations.

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The Conversation

How much should Facebook have to pay for news? We have a suggestion how to calculate it

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s draft news media bargaining code has raised an interesting question: how to put a dollar value on news content?

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Daily Pioneer

Game over

The ban on gaming app PUBG might not make the Modi Govt popular with kids but it can spur local development

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National Geographic

The magnitude of America’s contact tracing crisis is hard to overstate

These essential programs are getting creative to overcome funding shortages, testing delays, case surges, and public distrust.

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Hundreds of sexual misconduct allegations removed from Victims Voices Instagram, $1M lawsuit filed | CBC News

Regina law firm files $1 million lawsuit on behalf of Regina teacher accused of sexual assault on Instagram

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