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South Asia #2

  • Netflix and India
  • Sporting potential?
  • Actors streaming in Delhi
  • Tigers and mangroves
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The Diplomat

What Does Afghanistan’s Latest Outreach to Pakistan Mean for India?

Abdullah Abdullah, who is chairing Kabul’s peace efforts, is set to visit Pakistan soon. Should India be worried?

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Inside Netflix’s Quest to Become a Global TV Giant

India has a rich history of storytelling, with an audience that “devours entertainment,” says Bajaria, noting that the streamer has added several experienced unscripted executives to its ranks in the country. Netflix has been investing in the region, putting more than $400 million into local-language projects in India through 2020.

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‘Difficult but necessary’: A new set of challenges as Pakistan restarts polio drives in the time of Covid-19

Restarting the campaign is aimed at mitigating the situation and targeting the more high-risk areas.

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South China Morning Post

Between the US and China, all new trade roads lead to Afghanistan

The Beijing-Washington rivalry has extended to the war-torn country in the dash to build corridors linking Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East

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Policy Forum

Is India wasting its sporting potential?

Despite its massive potential, Indian sport remains too inwardly focused, denying the country a crucial opportunity to derive benefit from a worldwide industry in which it could be a major player, Simon Chadwick and Paul Widdop write.

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Indian Express

How a group of actors in Delhi kept theatre ahead of the curve

Asmita Theatre, one of the first theatre outfits to embrace the digital medium during the pandemic, is preparing to go on stage

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Shrinking mangroves hit tiger habitat in Bangladesh

Industrial activities, lack of joint plan between Bangladesh and India to save mangroves driving tigers out from habitat

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The Hindu

1947 pact on Gorkha soldiers redundant, says Nepal Minister

The 1947 agreement among India, Nepal and the United Kingdom that deals with the military service of Gorkha soldiers has become “redundant,” Foreign Minister of Nepal Pradeep Kumar Gyawali said on Friday.

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Al Jazeera

Nepal is walking a tightrope between India and China

India-China tensions are complicating a simmering political crisis in Kathmandu.

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Foreign Policy ($)

As India Marks Anniversary, Kashmir Is Still in the Dark

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