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South Asia #8

  • Malnutrition in India
  • Artificial island
  • Bangladesh twin crises
  • Germany in Afghanistan
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Article 14

Hunger and malnutrition loom large over India as anganwadis stay shut amid coronavirus pandemic

As jobs are lost and starvation grows, the impact is being felt most by malnourished children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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A new island of hope rising from the Indian Ocean

Scattered across the Arabian Sea, south-west of Sri Lanka and India, the Maldives present the face of a dreamy, tropical idyll to travellers from all over the world, who fly in to savour picture-perfect coral atolls fringed with white sand, luxurious resorts and world-class water sport.

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At Afghan Peace Talks, the Hard Work Begins

Peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government negotiators get down to business Sunday, with the search for a lasting ceasefire one of many key issues up for discussion.

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Financial Express

India-Iran Relations: Significance of Iran to India’s quest for peace and stability

India’s aim of joining the group was to be on board to remain engaged with Central Asian nations and participate in their development through opening up of trade and commerce.

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Financial Times ($)

Erosion of nuclear deterrence makes India-China relations critical

My generation grew up in the shadow of a possible nuclear war. I was born a few months after the Cuba missile crisis — the closest humanity has come to nuclear Armageddon. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was a big political force, as I was growing up.

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The Wire

Does India Need a New Law That Revises the Age at Which Women Are Married?

With the government setting up a task force, ‘age at marriage’ for girls and women has once again become a matter of national concern. Age at marriage has been a matter of debate in India for over 140 years now. One of the earliest cases was of Rukhmabai in Mumbai in 1884. Rukhma had been married to Dadaji Bhikaji when she was 11 years old in 1876. She continued to live with her step-father and mother till she turned 19, when she refused to go and live with her husband, leading to this now-famous case in 1884.

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Deutsche Welle

After 9/11: Has Germany failed in Afghanistan?

After the al-Qaida terrorist network attacked the US on September 11, 2001, Germany backed the US-led military and diplomatic mission in Afghanistan — and still does. Nineteen years on, what has Germany achieved?

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Asian Tribune

Sri Lanka enters into rational foreign policy with key dip. appointments

Sri Lanka administration under the Rajapaksa brothers has given a strong indication that it is moving toward formulating a rational foreign policy taking serious note of the emerged international order in the past three years that brought Washington and New Delhi into an unprecedented military bond, on-going military thrust toward Indo-Pacific region, the relevance of the Quad – US-India-Australia-Japan – India’s Modi administration’s special emphasis that Sri Lanka maintains a closer working rapport with it, the acceleration of political-military and economic rivalry between US-India combination and China in announcing key diplomatic appointments to New Delhi, Washington and Beijing.

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Radio Free Europe

Qatari Ruler Helps Kabul, Taliban Envoys Kick Off Day Two Of Intra-Afghan Talks

Qatar’s ruler helped launch the second day of long-awaited Afghan peace talks in Doha on September 13 between representatives of the Afghan government and Taliban militants, but reports of ongoing clashes back in Afghanistan were a reminder of obstacles ahead.

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Bangladesh faces twin crises as coronavirus offers new blow to flood-battered nation

SINGAPORE — Bangladesh is confronting a twin disaster of excessive climate disasters, and a pandemic that is killed hundreds thus far.Along with battling its heaviest rainfall lately, the South Asian nation can be struggling to comprise the coronavirus outbreak that has hampered restoration efforts and dealt a blow to job prospects.

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