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Travel #4

  • Saving French tourism

  • Thailand allows foreigners

  • New routes paused in India

  • Namibia’s tourism puzzle
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France Tourism: Inside The $20 Billion Fight To Save A Battered Industry

To find a reason for optimism about the summer tourist season that starts next week in France, just pay a visit to the Maison D’Orride in the country’s southwest province of Béarn.

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Bangkok Post

Hope, fear as kingdom’s gates creak ajar

Islands prepare to receive first batches of foreign tourists allowed in since Covid-19 struck.

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Editor’s Note:

Thailand is getting ready to welcome foreign tourists on certain islands starting from next week. This special report from the Bangkok Post assesses their preparedness and wonders whether local weekenders are going to provide a much needed boost.

Independent (Ireland)

Tourism industry needs a ‘middle way’ to avoid total catastrophe

The situation is so bad that it isn’t even talking about beginning to recover until the second quarter of 2021, that is almost a year away.

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COVID-19 has held back launch of some of the most anticipated routes

For airlines, months, and at times, years of efforts go into announcing a route. This involves looking at the fleet plans for the next couple of years and planning aircraft delivery based on estimations.

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Editor’s Note:

Airlines tend to put in a lot of effort to assess the viability potential routes for the future. However, In India, the ongoing pandemic has led to a situation where the launch of such routes is being pushed back, Ameya Joshi reports.


New technology and political will can give tourism the post-COVID-19 lift needed to save jobs

Some fear COVID-19 has halted globalisation’s progress, eroding international cooperation and ravaging a primary driver of our interconnectedness: tourism. For those dedicated to global harmony, or simply concerned about the future viability and prosperity of tourism as a sector, these outcomes are unacceptable.

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The Namibian

Namibia’s tourism revival puzzle

Players in the tourism industry and the government are at loggerheads over the introduction of a mandatory quarantine period for tourists when borders open.

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