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Travel #4

  • Save the brew
  • Overtourism in Asia
  • Malaysian hotels recovering
  • Can travel agents survive?
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Before the virus, Asia’s ecosystems were buckling under overtourism. When the tourists return, it has to be different

Before the pandemic put a stop to most international travel, each year millions of people flocked to Southeast Asia’s white sandy beaches, ancient temples and diverse wildlife.

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Editor’s Note:

Asia’s travel ecosystem has been taking heat due to overtourism in recent years. Helen Regan and Kocha Olarn write that this situation must change in a post-pandemic world.

The Globe and Mail

Opening of two fishing resorts upsets Haida Gwaii residents

Anglers from Alberta and parts of B.C. will be fishing the waters off of Haida Gwaii this weekend, joined by local Indigenous people who are disappointed that two luxury resorts have welcomed wealthy mainlanders to the rugged archipelago.

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Associated Press

Bali island begins to reopen after 3-month virus lockdown

Indonesia’s resort island of Bali partially reopened after a three-month virus lockdown Thursday, allowing local people and stranded foreign tourists to resume public activities before overseas arrivals resume in September.

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South China Morning Post

Hong Kong Tourism Enjoys Mini-revival But Number Of Visitors Nearly 100 Per Cent Down On Last Year

Hong Kong tourist arrivals enjoyed a mini-revival in June with 80 per cent more visitors than the previous month amid the coronavirus pandemic, but that was still nearly 100 per cent down on 2019.

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Foreign holidays cancelled: Can travel agents survive?

They survived the online revolution, but will Ireland’s travel agents survive the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Editor’s Note:

Travel agents are an important yet neglected part of the tourism industry. This article by Gill Stedman assesses whether Irish travel agents will be able to survive the ongoing pandemic.


Dubai counts on pent-up demand for tourism comeback

Dubai welcomed 16.7 million visitors last year and had aimed to reach 20 million in 2020 before the sector was hit hard by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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Economic Times (Times of India)

Save the brew: Tourism will help Darjeeling, but the world-renowned tea shouldn’t be flushed down in the process

The Covid-19 lockdown hit Darjeeling at one of the worst possible times. The first lockdown on March 24 came as tea plantations were just starting to pick the first flush, the earliest harvest of leaves.

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The Star Online

Hotel sector on path to recovery

The Malaysian hotel sector, which was on the brink of collapse as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, is slowly making inroads to recovery.

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New Times (Rwanda)

Regional Business Council Pushes for Reopening of Skies

In a bid to facilitate the recovery of struggling economies across the region, the East African Business Council (EABC) is rallying its member states to reopen the regional airspace that was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Editor’s Note:

East Africa has been struggling to attract tourists amidst the ongoing pandemic, ravaging the local travel industry. Edwin Ashimwe reports that the East African Business Council is urging its member states to open the local airspace again, so that the sector can recover swiftly.

Daily Sabah

Tourism capital Antalya makes faster-than-expected start to ‘new season’

Antalya welcomed over 21,000 tourists in June, a figure that exceeded 27,000 in the first week of July alone, while industry representatives expect the mobility to accelerate as more countries ease travel and flight restrictions.

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