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Travel #6

  • Florida tourism struggles
  • Crazy to open an agency?
  • Second wave blow in Europe
  • Saving Ireland’s coast
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The Economist ($)

Why governments are paying people to go on holiday

Is this the best way for taxpayers to prop up tourist hotspots?

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Editor’s Note:

Readers of this newsletter will know that the ongoing pandemic has hit the tourism industry hard, something governments are also well aware of. This article from The Economist discusses a potential solution to the demand problem – governments paying people to go on a holiday.

Irish Examiner

Special Report: Voluntary groups need State support to turn back tide of coastal erosion

The Maharees and Castlegregory in west Kerry have been described as the best worst-kept secret in Europe.

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Daytona Beach News Journal

Florida tourism struggles under grip of COVID-19

As coronavirus cases spike, tourism officials strive to welcome visitors with an emphasis on safety.

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Associated Press

‘Second wave’ virus fears strike blow to tourism industry

Concerns over a “second wave” of coronavirus infections brought on by returning vacationers are wreaking havoc on Europe’s tourism industry, particularly in Spain, following Britain’s effective ban on travel to the country.

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The Hindu

‘Tourism sector won’t recover until COVID-19 vaccine is in place’

A peak summer season gone bust, a lockdown, and then an unlocking period that failed to take off; the tourism industry is terming this year as its worse in recent memory, and one that could be do or die for many.

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Travel Weekly

Is it ‘crazy’ to open an agency now? New advisors accept the challenge

Tessa Marsh was in the middle of a leisure trip to Nigeria when borders around the world began to close. She would end up extending that trip, to a total of three-and-a-half months, before she was able to charter a private plane to Paris, then fly through Canada and Boston en route to her home in Charlotte.

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Editor’s Note:

Although the current travel environment is highly uncertain, some people are opening up new travel agencies. Jamie Biesiada reports about individuals who have stood up to the challenge.

Daily Maverick

#JOBSSAVELIVES: Tables laid bare around South Africa as industry fights back

It’s been an emotive, challenging week for anybody involved in the hospitality and related industries. But you were heard, and there was solidarity in an increasingly desperate cause.

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Why Some Travel Bubbles Might Remain Thought Bubbles

For people stuck at home tending their stockpiles of masks and toilet paper, it is hard to think of a simpler pleasure than the prospect of heading on holiday to some sun-kissed beach.

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Editor’s Note:

Travel bubbles have been touted as a potential solution that could revive the industry. However, many of these might prove to be mere ‘thought bubbles’, David Fickling writes.


America’s Travel Guru Rick Steves’ Talks About Staying in One Place, What America Is Getting Wrong, and Dreaming of Escargots

This summer, I traveled. There were sun-soaked Italian hill towns; a sleepy Portuguese fishing village; a musty, centuries-old timber church in Romania. I saw it all from my couch, or sometimes the faded hammock on the porch. And I did it under the gentle narration of Rick Steves, the unassuming travel magnate whose childlike wonder and irreverent curiosity, seen in decades of cheap and cheerful guidebooks and travel TV shows, have introduced multiple generations of tourists to the charms of small museums and the pleasures of a walking tour.

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ABC News (Australia)

Broome, Kununurra discount flight scheme a welcome boost for the Kimberley

An expanded round of discount flights between Perth and the Kimberley has received a warm welcome from tourism operators right across the region.

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