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Travel #7

  • Sleepy lions & empty bars

  • The future of hotels

  • Rising sea levels & travel

  • Maori tourism operators
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Daily Maverick

Here’s what hotel visits post-lockdown will look like

The restaurant industry has been making its voice heard over the past couple of weeks, but what about the broader hospitality industry? While restaurants have been able to trade – albeit fractionally – hotels, guest houses, and B&Bs all closed their doors on March 27, 2020 and have had virtually zero custom until recently.

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Stuff NZ

Maori tourism operators say Covid-19 ‘like a really long tangi’

Māori tourism is having to adapt to a world without the overseas visitors who made up a large proportion of their customers.

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Tourism’s collapse could trigger next stage of the crisis

Last summer around this time, I did an interview with Ulf Lindahl, the chief executive of currency manager AG Bisset.

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Associated Press

Sleepy lions, empty bars, lost jobs: A world without tourism

With no American visitors to show around the D-Day beaches or the Loire Valley’s chateaux, and no work on the immediate horizon, Paris tour guide Linda Zenou frets about how she’ll pay off a loan and continue to care for her ailing mother in the achingly lean months ahead.

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The Conversation

Sea level rise: three visions of a future summer holiday at the coast

The COVID-19 pandemic will ensure summer 2020 is a washout for most. With international travel restrictions limiting holidays abroad, many people in the UK have opted to stay somewhere closer to home. As a result, there have been remarkable increases in the number of visitors to beaches across the UK. Thousands flocked to a beach in Bournemouth on a single day in June, causing the local council to declare a major incident.

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How being smart will help hoteliers survive years of flux

How many ways can we say it? The COVID years (yes, years) will be written about for a long time to come. Any number of industries are struggling to cope.

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South China Morning Post

Restaurant, retail, and hotel sectors take to the digital path amid tourism slump

Anxiety sets in for thousands made jobless, or told to stay home on reduced pay or no pay.

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ABC News (Australia)

WHO released guidelines on reopening international travel this week. Should borders be open?

COVID-19 has seen several Australian state governments take the extraordinary step of barring entry to other Australians in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

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Irish Times

Connemara’s tourism industry rides seasonal tide but fears uncertain future

Bunowen pier is one of the Earth’s more beautiful final stops; the last on the road from Ballyconneely, with a backdrop of Connemara’s pastels of wild heather, a white sandy beach and sea-colours redolent of the Caribbean.

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Travel Weekly

South Africa turns to its U.S. partners to help revive tourism

Covid-19 has hit the global tourism industry with incredible force. Africa is no different. To ensure recovery, Africa will need an all-hands-on-deck approach with the international travel industry.

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