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Travel #9

  • Work from Barbados?
  • SE Asia’s tourist islands
  • Kiwis flock to own islands
  • Vegas show stops
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New York Times

Why Work From Home When You Can Work From Barbados, Bermuda or … Estonia?

Several countries with fragile tourist economies have started to offer visas that allow foreign nationals to live and work for a period of at least six months.

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Stuff NZ

Kiwis flock to our own island getaways

New Zealand’s islands are getting record numbers of tourists as Kiwis head overseas without leaving the country. Chatham, Stewart and Great Barrier Islands are having a bumper season – a silver lining of Covid, which has put the kibosh on holidays abroad. Bess Manson reports.

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This oil spill could destroy the beautiful Mauritius I once knew

Leaking oil now threatens the majestic ocean ecosystems of my home island – already at risk from the climate crisis.

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‘We are in serious peril’: New Orleans hotels, restaurants brace for difficult months ahead

New Orleans’ tourist-dependent economy has entered a more troubled phase, with hopes of a quick turnaround in the city’s hospitality industry having faded, and no one certain when free-spending visitors will return.

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In Las Vegas, the show cannot go on

In those long-ago days of early 2020, business was cranking for Adam Flowers, a former street magician with an enterprising mind.

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The Thaiger

SE Asia’s most popular islands still ‘on hold’ as they wait to re-open to international tourists

Foreign tourists may be allowed back on to Boracay’s famed beaches in the Philippines as early as October. Meanwhile the Indonesian beach resort of Bali has shelved any immediate plans to re-open the island. In Thailand, the beaches of Phuket remain largely empty whilst the provincial government tries to promote the island as a “safe and sealed” destination to limited tourism, again with an intended October 1 launch.

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Brookings Institution

The Sun Belt’s COVID-19 surge stalls economic recovery in the region

Summer has not stopped COVID-19’s spread across the country, especially into states that had avoided the pandemic’s early impacts. As the virus and efforts to slow its spread batter more and more metropolitan economies, the timeline for widespread economic recovery grows increasingly uncertain.

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Virus flareups in Europe lead to club closings, mask orders

New flareups of Covid-19 are disrupting the peak summer vacation season across much of Europe.

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Coronavirus survivor’s ‘biggest fear’ is catching it again from tourists

At one point, Alan’s family were told to prepare for the worst as his organs went into shutdown.

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Financial Express

Post-covid travel: Begin by promoting local tourism, prepare road map with private sector, says Gustavo J Segura, Costa Rican Minister

We can share our process of analysis, diagnosis and evaluation of 32 centres throughout the country, to ultimately improve tourism in these destinations.

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