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Women in Tech #21

  • @Sciencing_bi scandal
  • Michigan investigation
  • Falling participation
  • Damaging myths
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New York Times

The Anonymous Professor Who Wasn’t

An anonymous anthropology professor remained outspoken about fairness in academia even as she suffered for months with coronavirus.

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What’s Next? Envisioning An Equitable Post Covid Economy With Tracy Gray

This is the third post of my “What’s Next” series, in which I connect with various visionaries to see how they are interpreting the current moment, and the emergent strategy coming out of it. If the economy in the past has been a tool for systemic racial oppression — what could a post Covid-19 economy look like? As Black financial activist Jessica Norwood has posed, “What would a financial system look like that loves Black and brown bodies?”

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For a Fairer Society, Close the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is real: Female full-time and salary workers earn 81.1% of what their male counterparts make, according to a 2019 U.S. government study. This inequality inspired Ellevest CEO and co-founder Sallie Krawcheck and PepTalkHer founder Meggie Palmer to help balance the scales.

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Michigan Radio

Report: U of M officials knew of multiple sexual misconduct complaints against former provost

Several University of Michigan top officials, including former President Mary Sue Coleman, were alerted to sexual misconduct allegations against former Provost Martin Philbert, but ultimately failed to prevent him from sexually harassing and intimidating subordinates and student-employees for more than a decade.

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MacKenzie Scott is donating her billions much faster than her ex Jeff Bezos

A year ago, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos set records with the world’s biggest divorce settlement. On July 28, MacKenzie Bezos (now MacKenzie Scott) announced that she’s spent the time since aiming to set a much more inspiring record — for how fast she can give the money away.

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The Conversation

Why Damaging Myths About Women and Science Keep Coming Back

Whenever we attempt to explain the under-representation of women in science, debunked myths seem to sneak back into the debate in different guises, no matter how often they are challenged.

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The Diplomat

Women Left Behind: India’s Falling Female Labor Participation

India’s female labor force participation is the lowest in South Asia.

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Inside Higher Ed

Bodies Online | University of Venus

The hardest part about teaching effectively online is that my butt is stuck in a chair all day. Yeah, I know: set reminders to stand up, raise my computer screen to eye level, learn yoga, etc. I do all that, but ever since the March 2020 emergency pivot to remote instruction, my shoulders have been rapidly rounding into permanent parentheses. My mind’s online but IRL my body is trapped in a chair with no lumbar support. My virtual classroom is taking a serious toll on my corporal form. Moreover, although I won’t be physically present with students next semester, they’re bringing the same stereotypical assumptions about what a college professor “looks like” into my online classroom as they do face-to-face. Today, when higher education is talking more seriously about effective online teaching and learning than ever before, and grappling with how to teach during a pandemic, we can’t lose sight of the reality that instructors’ corporal form — our embodied identity — always matters.

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New Times Rwanda

Empowering women entrepreneurs for economic recovery

The coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous effect on global economies. This is evidenced in the reduced economic and social activities as well as affected revenues.

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10 Female Founders Changing Chinese Tech and Economy

When you say “entrepreneur”, people automatically think of men. They still think that women aren’t present in big roles in the tech industry. Even worse, investors have doubts about female founders: can they lead?

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