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Women in Tech #26

  • Female investors club
  • Laurene Powell Jobs
  • Bailing out businesses
  • E-commerce empowerment
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Calcalis Tech

When VCs claimed they couldn’t find female investors, these finance industry veterans started their own club

Even at the stock exchange, Polak said, 98% of clients were men who were responsible for the family fund, even when both spouses had equal knowledge of the market. “The same woman could choose to get very involved in buying an apartment but not in managing the shared funds,” she explained.

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Gloria Feldt (Medium)

Going “On the Record” About How Sexual Harassment and Violence Erase Women and Thwart Their…

Drew Dixon’s resume includes Former Vice President of A&R at Arista Records, a former director of A&R at Def Jam Recordings, the former general manager of John Legend’s label Homeschool Records, and the former manager of recording artist Estelle. She produced more hit records than I can count with artists you know. Dixon is the founder of the independent label The Ninth Floor, the tech-enabled beauty start-up EverythingDid, and the co-creator of the TV series Reciprocity.

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The harm covid is causing to women entrepreneurs

Women are under-represented as entrepreneurs, and this gender divide is starker in developing economies. In India, only 20% of the enterprises are women-owned, providing direct employment to 22 to 27 million people. The covid pandemic has affected people across the globe, but its impact on women has been disproportionately higher. According to a Mckinsey & Co report, female job-loss rates resulting from covid are about 1.8 times those for males.

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IT Pro Portal

Why eliminating bias in AI is key to its success

Taking pause to consider whether technological progress is amplifying challenges we are trying to overcome.

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New York Times

Move aside, Mr. Trump. These women have more money and better ideas.

This past weekend, in yet another political attack aimed at a woman with power, President Trump rage-tweeted at Laurene Powell Jobs.

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Calls to #SupportBlackBusiness mean well, but can have drawbacks for business owners

Brittney Winbush, founder of the wellness company Alexandra Winbush, had her first $10,000 sales day in June. Rather than purely elated, though, she was anxious. “Will this last?” she wondered.

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Vanguard Nigeria

I didn’t want to be a pepper seller — Joyce Ugbosu

Joyce Ugbosu is not your average woman by any standard. Her fetching but smallish frame belies a mind of steel, one which had helped her to work her way out from the ‘dark dungeon’ that her life had once been, to use her own language.

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The Nation (Kenya)

Firm Bails Out Women in Business

Women in business and employment have been the hardest hit by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy.

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Women’s Hour is as relevant as ever – we still very much need feminism and female stories

It’s an exciting new era, with Emma Barnett to be the next main host – and it’s vital that we celebrate inspiring women throughout history

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Dhaka Tribune

OP-ED: The role of e-commerce in empowering women

Technology is helping to bridge the existing inequalities in entrepreneurship

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